Welcome to Scales N’ Tales Bowfishing Adventures!


Scales N’ Tales is based in St. Cloud, Minnesota and is proud to serve the Clearwater and Central Minnesota areas. We offer afternoon and evening fishing trips.  Evening hunts will start approximately 1/2 hour before dark.  Afternoon hunts will start at noon.  We will meet you at the boat ramp with the boat fueled and ready to go.  All customers must sign a liability waiver agreement form before you start your trip.  To speed things up please bring a completed waiver form for each person. The waiver can be found at the top of the Disclaimer page.

A regular fishing license is required to bowfish and will need to be in your possession.

After you are on the boat and ready to go we will travel to our first starting point.  There will be enough life preservers on the boat to accommodate each customer.  The water is very shallow in the areas that we bowfish.  We will travel through deep water on occasion while going from the boat ramp to the bowfishing site.

15 minutes before dark I will demonstrate how to use the bowfishing equipment, give specific details on how to aim and let you sling a few arrows in order to get a feel for the equipment.  We will adjust the draw weight of our bows to your comfort level.  After that we start bowfishing!

NO ALCOHOL PERIOD. No intoxicated clients will be allowed on the boat. If you show up intoxicated the trip is over and there will be no refund.



I provide all equipment: bow, arrows and reels.  I also provide the boat equipped with lights, and life jackets.  After the safety discussion we will demonstrate how to use the bowfishing equipment.  We will adjust the draw weight of our bows to your comfort level.  You are welcome to bring a camera to take photos.  Due to the nature of the trip it is advised that you may want to bring a change of clothes.

If you have any questions or want to book a trip, you can click on the Contact tab or call/text the guide Ryan at 320-290-9205